Computop Paygate Flex

The payment package for merchants who want to switch and newcomers to e-commerce. Decide for yourself which payment methods suit your customers and offer the appropriate payment method mix in your shop.


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How Paygate Flex works:

100% value for money, 13% more conversion

With Paygate Flex you always receive the three most important payment methods for your online shop. The price also includes two desired payment methods, which you can choose according to your customers' payment preferences. This increases your sales and reduces the purchase abandonment rate. Statistically, with 5 payment methods in the checkout, your conversion is already up 13 percent.

With Paygate Flex you receive the following basic payment methods:

Select two desired payment methods from the following:

You can therefore rely on Computop

Personal, competent support

All inquiries regarding the integration and ongoing operation of our payment solutions are answered exclusively in-house by experienced payment consultants.

Meeting at eye level

Transparency and openness are among our most important principles. We want you to be able to track products and prices at all times and be satisfied with our services.

Free choice of your acquirer

As our client, you receive neutral advice and enjoy the freedom to choose the financial partner that best suits your business in each phase.

Our most important Stakeholder: You

As an owner-managed company, we are only committed to you, not to the demands of investors. And we do everything in our power to ensure that this remains so.

Paygate Flex. The Payment Package ...

… that grows with your business.

You will always receive payment components from us that are optimally suited to your business model in the respective growth stage.

… which opens all sales channels to you.

As a true multichannel provider, we handle all your transactions via a central platform, whether e-commerce, point-of-sale or MoTo.

… that takes you to any target market.

With over 350 possible payment methods and 22 years of experience in payment, we can take you to any market segment and any country.

How much annual sales do you expect?*
What average shopping cart value do you expect?*
General notes:

*) Please note that you need a valid acceptance contract with a merchant bank (acquirer) for credit card processing. If you do not yet have an acquirer, we will be happy to advise you.