Preventing fraud with Computop: High-level security with high conversion rates.

Successful fraud prevention helps minimize fraudulent activities and the risk of payment defaults without preventing genuine, honest purchase transactions. At Computop, we have decades of experience in this field. And an entirely new, highly efficient tool.

Proven and efficient: Modules for fraud prevention.

Velocity Checks (SecurePay)

Set a transaction limit within a defined time window. Repeat and corporate customers can be excluded.

Blocking lists

Block card or account numbers that have attracted negative attention in the past.

Address and credit check

Check the solvency of your corporate and private customers in different countries. Paygate offers access to all major providers (arvato infoscore, Schufa, creditreform, etc.).

3D Secure 2.0

With us, your card transactions are subject to the new 3D Secure 2.0 security protocol by default. Liability in the event of card misuse is taken on by the card-issuing bank.

AI Fraud Score – the self-learning fraud prevention tool.

Detects fraud patterns that elude the human eye.

AI Fraud Score doesn’t look at and assess a transaction’s data in isolation, but investigates data correlations.

Learns new things every day.

Machine learning ensures constantly decreasing fraud rates.

Ensures more sales and higher customer satisfaction.

Certain buyer groups are no longer excluded from your online shop based on blacklisting.

Conforms to the new EU Geoblocking Regulation.

By avoiding IP and BIN blacklisting, our solution fully complies with the EU Geoblocking Regulation, which has been in force since December 2018.

Can be customized.

AI Fraud Score can be tailored to a customer’s individual risk experience and risk appetite, taking into account sectors and customer target groups.

Is smart enough for second chances.

Doubtful transactions no longer need to be rejected immediately. They go through a second round for manual verification or 3D Secure authentication.

Can be combined with previous rule-based risk checks.

If you’ve had positive experiences with certain static Paygate risk checks, you can easily combine the two approaches.

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