First-class payment for digital entertainment.

Digital services know no national borders – and the same goes for our world of payment opportunities. At Computop, you can select from over 300 payment methods. Exactly those that your customers want. We’ll advise you when it comes to country-specific and sector-specific payment preferences. And we’ll support you in all matters of fraud management.

It always gets serious when it’s time to pay. In the entertainment sector too.

The channels flow together, your payment data too.

Anyone in the digital entertainment sector who has to deal with chargebacks and fraudulent activities with above-average frequency should select their payment service provider with extra care.

Three things are important here:

  • You need a trustworthy payment service provider
  • with a risk-optimized mix of payment methods
  • and reliable, efficient fraud prevention

Computop can deliver all this. Our portfolio includes both rule-based and self-learning risk tools that can be flexibly combined – and therefore ideally adapted to your business model’s threat scenarios.

How do your customers prefer to pay – and what are the most reliable options?

  • Fast and convenient one-click payment?
  • Anonymously via eWallet or prepaid card?
  • Or by credit card as usual?

Our clients in the digital entertainment sector:

We’ll be pleased to advise you on payment methods that are ideally suited to your target groups worldwide, on successful fraud prevention and all other aspects of successful payment integration.

We’ll be pleased to advise you