A mix of payment methods for high-priced shopping carts: Wherever large orders are placed, payment preferences change.

A standard payment method mix doesn’t actually exist. And nowhere is this more evident than in online electronics shops. Many eWallet users become credit card payers as soon as the value of the shopping cart increases. These and other distinctive payment features need to be taken into account. We know them all. Very well.

Wherever a high shopping cart value is standard, payment security needs to be well above standard.

Highly secure credit card payments:
The credit card as a means of payment is disproportionately well represented in the electronics sector compared to others. We’ll take advanced risk prevention measures specifically for your credit card payments, including 3D Secure 2.0 and our self-learning – optionally available – AI Fraud Score risk scoring tool.

Highly secure Omnichannel payment:
Computop Paygate processes your payments on all channels with the highest possible security and provides you with all data clearly laid out and easy to assess in a central database.

Maximum protection for the point of sale:
We don’t just take care of your security on digital channels. We are PCI P2PE (Point-to-Point-Encryption) certified for highly secure credit card payments at POS.

By the way, the 3D Secure protocol provides extra security for your customers while increasing turnover on your account. Because buyers of high-priced goods reward higher levels of security with their willingness to generate higher online sales.


More about the new 3D Secure 2.0 protocol >

Our clients from the electronics industry:

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