easyCredit instalment purchase - The easiest instalment purchase in Germany.

There are many advantages to instalment buying. This is confirmed by retailers who already use easyCredit instalment purchase. With easyCredit hire purchase, your customers experience complete flexibility at the best conditions. And as a retailer, you have a strong and reliable partner at your side in TeamBank.

How does it work? Quite simple! easyCredit instalment purchase is quick and easy to integrate and can be used across  multiple channels. Without a girocard and without time-consuming authorisation.

Simply works multi-channel.

With easyCredit instalment purchase, customers can spontaneously choose to pay in instalments, whether in stationary shops, e-commerce or direct sales. Conveniently integrated into the most popular shop systems through plug-ins or your service provider, instalment payments can be selected and easily adjusted in the online shop checkout. Paying at the point of sale couldn't be easier either. And thanks to a new process, customers don't even need a bank card. They can choose the term and instalments in the shop and the merchant can simply print out the contract in their portal. Get the customer's signature and authorise the transaction - done!

Specifically, easyCredit instalment buying offers the following benefits to both merchants and customers:

  • Cross-channel capability: online, point-of-sale and direct sales
  • Quick and easy integration
  • Payment by instalments for sales between €200 and €10,000
  • Fair terms and high flexibility
  • Instalment calculator to customise instalment amount and duration
  • Payment security for merchants as TeamBank assumes the default risk
  • Reliable protection of payment details

Why our retailers are so satisfied.

Customers who are paying with easyCredit instalment purchases for the first time put their trust in us, not least because of the well-known and popular easyCredit brand. Retailers offer a great customer experience - simply because it is so quick and easy to complete the purchase, with no need for time-consuming authorisation.

Many satisfied retailers who use easyCredit instalment buying praise the range of services and the ease of implementation. They are pleased with the easy integration of the payment solution in both the online shop and the stationary store, as well as its acceptance by customers: offering this popular payment method can stimulate new purchases and attract new customers.

Many merchants who already offer instalment payments also report higher basket sizes thanks to easyCredit instalment payments. Case studies and other testimonials can be found at www.easycredit-ratenkauf.de/erfahrungen/.

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