Action required: New mandatory fields for Visa Secure from 08/12/2024

Please note that Visa requires new mandatory fields for 3-D Secure transactions starting August 12, 2024. To be prepared, we recommend implementing the changes early.

According to VISA requirements, you will have to submit the following fields for Visa Secure transactions in addition to those already mandatory:

  • In JSON object billToCustomer: email | phone number (landline or mobile phone)

We strongly advise you to make the necessary changes to avoid losses on future card payments. You can find all the information on implementing 3-DS and the new mandatory fields in our developer documentation. Our Merchant Services Team will gladly assist you with any problems that may arise during the changeover.

Go to developer documentation

Please note: Computop, as a payment service provider, can't influence the timing and deadline of necessary changes; the responsible card scheme, Visa, sets both.