Simple, centralized handling of settlement data

The accounting capture of incoming payments when using different acquirers and payment methods can be time-consuming – Computop offers the optimal solution.

Your accounting department is faced with monitoring open items and allocating incoming customer payments quickly and without errors. The challenge here is that credit card acquirers and most other payment method providers only pay out your sales in bundled form for a defined billing period.

For this reason, acquirers provide merchants with so-called settlement files (also known as EPA files). These settlement files contain a complete list of the customer payments made and paid out to you via the relevant payment type within the settlement period. This makes it possible to reconcile the individual payments with your open items.

The more channels you serve (e.g., different country stores and additional POS business) and the more payment types you offer, the more individual settlement files you need to obtain from your financial partners and process in your accounting. Even more aggravating, the individual settlement files usually have different formats.

Computop meets these challenges with the Computop Settlement File – CTSF.

The reconciliation process without a central settlement file.

The Computop Settlement File (CTSF)

Reduce the administrative workload in your accounting department with our consolidated settlement file.

We take care of obtaining the required settlement files from your financial partners and bundle the clearing and settlement information they contain into a central, uniformly prepared file. Additionally, Computop enriches this information with all relevant transaction data. Thanks to its widely compatible CSV format, the Computop Settlement File can be automatically imported into your accounting or ERP system. This simplifies the reconciliation of your accounts and reporting considerably.

The reconciliation process with the Computop Settlement File

Features of the Computop Settlement File

Convenient CSV format, facilitating easy import into ERP & accounting systems

Manual or automatic retrieval of the file via merchant backend, e-mail or sFTP server

Issued daily

Available in four different versions – depending on the desired scope of information

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