Computop Instant Payment – The reinvention of advance payment

With our new payment method Computop Instant Payment you enjoy all the advantages of classic advance payment – without its usual disadvantages. We can also provide Computop Instant Payment as a white-label solution with your brand.

user convenience

No more complicated logins and advance registrations: Buyers only must enter their online banking login details in the protected Computop environment of the checkout - transferring money has never been easier!


Uniform, error-free payment references enable precise and automated matching of incoming payments. Finally, no more searching for the needle in the haystack!

White Label:
Your design

We can offer you Computop Instant Payment as a white-label solution. You can change the payment method's name and establish it as your own brand in your corporate design.

Advance payment: Parking in the slipstream?

Prepayment offers you as a merchant an outstanding advantage: you receive your money irrevocably even before you ship goods or perform services. However, you often pay the price in accounting: Incorrect reference information or amounts make it difficult to match and book incoming payments. In addition, many buyers are reluctant to fill out a remittance slip or switch to online banking.

Computop Instant Payment:
overtaking with a tailwind

Computop establishes a secure connection to your buyer's online banking directly via the store checkout. The buyer only must enter the login data of his online banking within the checkout flow. Disruptions in the user experience disappear as the conversion rate increases.

The new Computop Instant Payment transfer procedure eliminates all the disadvantages of the usual advance payment.

Computop Instant Payment:
Automated and efficient checkout flow

All data relevant to the transfer, such as recipient account, name, and reference, are automatically transferred to the buyer's bank for execution; this saves the buyer time and prevents transmission errors that could arise from manual filling.

Frequently asked questions

Computop Instant Payment is based on a so-called payment initiation service provided by our technology partner Via an interface (Open Banking API), the service communicates directly with the customer's bank and triggers the transfer.

Payment Flow via Computop as Payment Initiation Service (PIS)

Yes, it's secure. The provision of payment initiation services is subject to the strict requirements of the European Union's Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD II). Our technology partner is continuously audited and certified accordingly by the relevant regulatory authorities.

Like Computop Instant Payment, girocard and Klarna Sofort follow the same technical principle of a payment initiation service. However, using Computop Instant Payment has several advantages for you and your customers.
1. higher range
Computop Instant Payment allows your buyers to make account-to-account payments in 15 countries, making it ideal for European cross-border commerce.

2. seamless checkout experience
Computop Instant Payment is available to you as a white-label product; you can customize the name of the process and the appearance of the user screens to your own corporate design. The buyer thus faces a seamless checkout experience.

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