Four firmly established
corporate values

To ensure that Computop's success story continues into the future, the daily activities of our payment people are guided by four firmly established corporate values.


As one of the first payment service providers Computop is constantly looking for new answers to the increasing demands for security and convenience. Thanks to our consistent future orientation we are often one step ahead of the industry.


The Payment People inspire their customers with personal, partnership-based advice and reliable support. When individual payment solutions are required, we really blossom and go the extra mile for you with the greatest pleasure.


All Computop software solutions were developed by the Bamberg Payment People themselves and are therefore 100% "Made in Germany". In this way we can ensure our promise of quality and score points with maximum flexibility.


As an owner-managed company Computop has been growing under its own steam for over 25 years. By making our own independent decisions, we implement solution-oriented technologies for our customers quickly and reliably.

Numbers that speak for themselves


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To the point: Your payment... located in one place

Whether e-commerce, m-commerce, mail order/telephone order or point of sale - our PCI-certified payment platform Computop Paygate opens up all sales channels for you. The best thing about it is that it brings together all data from all channels on this one platform. safe, your turnover also

We protect your revenue and reputation with up-to-date solutions for fraud prevention and risk management. Extended payment guarantees, liability shifts and strong accounts receivable management further increase security. and remains "Made in Germany"

As an owner-managed and independent company headquartered in Bamberg, we develop, optimize and update our solutions in Germany and guarantee you in-house service at the highest level. quite simply

Computop Paygate can be integrated into the most important store systems and linked to any accounting/inventory management system. Our homogeneous interface for 350 payment methods worldwide reduces complexity and your implementation effort. Your customers benefit from a simple, smooth checkout. globally positioned

We offer you global payment know-how - combined with competent, reliable service. From 8 international locations, the Payment People support customers all over the world. always up to date

Our payment people make sure that your payment solution is always up to date. You and your customers benefit from our innovative spirit and best-in-class solutions.


An excerpt from our customer list

Milestones of the Computop Story

When two young, technology-affine High Potentials named Ralf Gladis and Frank Arnoldt founded Computop in 1997, they firmly believed in the immense development potential of online stores. In order to give their start-up and the e-commerce industry a real boost, they quickly focused on store success criterion number 1: simple and secure payment processing. It was a wise decision - because the company, which started out on a small scale in a Bamberg student dormitory with great visions, has gradually developed into the leading payment service provider for global payment transactions.

  • 1997

    Ralf Gladis and Frank Arnoldt found Computop in a student flat share in Bamberg. Initially a provider of online stores including secure payment transactions, Computop quickly concentrates purely on payment processing and wins well-known customers such as Kuhnert, Lexmark, CEWE Color and Hypovereinsbank.

  • 2000

    Computop Paygate goes online as the first integrated payment platform.

  • 2001

    Computop is implementing European pilot projects for Visa (secure card payment with 3D Secure) and Mastercard (PCI security standard).

  • 2006

    Computop starts its internationalization with local payment methods from all over the world.

  • 2010

    Stephan Kück becomes CEO at Computop and brings his 20 years of experience as a banker to the rapidly growing company.

  • 2013

    Computop takes over the EOS Payments business from the Otto Group and wins hundreds of new customers. Computop also expands its range: from online payment to omnichannel payment including POS terminals.

  • 2015

    Computop is the first German payment service provider to receive PCI P2PE certification for highly secure card payments at POS.

  • 2016

    Mobile SDK is a new tool for in-app payments.

  • 2017

    For its 20th anniversary Computop has over 14,000 satisfied customers whose transactions this year amount to 24 billion USD.

  • 2019

    After more than 20 years it is time for a complete brand relaunch - both visually and strategically. In the same year Computop becomes Girocard network operator.

  • 2020

    Computop submits the application for regulation to BaFin and changes its name to "Computop Paygate GmbH".

  • 2021

    Thomas Egglseder takes over as CFO of the newly founded Computop Finance.

  • 2021

    As one of only a few payment service providers in Europe, Computop is simultaneously certified according to ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, PCI-PIN, and PCI-P2PE.

  • 2022

    25 years in Payment: Computop has become the market leader in German e-commerce and a white-label payment provider for global banks and acquirers.

The leading heads of the Payment People

Ralf Gladis


At the beginning of his professional career, Ralf Gladis developed database solutions and wrote books and articles for renowned IT publishers. In 1993 he founded the company CompuTeam with his fellow student Frank Arnoldt and entered the world of e-commerce in 1997 when Computop was founded.

In the first few years Ralf Gladis built up the architecture of the Computop Paygate payment platform, making use of his technical knowledge. Later he concentrated on sales, support and processes. Today Ralf Gladis is responsible for strategic orientation, product development, marketing and PR.

In his spare time, Ralf Gladis is involved with Rotary and likes to work out in karate training.

Stephan Kück


The trained banker started his professional career in 1989 at the former Stadtsparkasse Bamberg. There, Stephan Kück rose to the position of Head of Central Services with over 100 employees and was responsible for IT operations, payment transactions, card business and back office.

Since 2010 Stephan Kück has been contributing his 20 years of experience as a banker to Computop. As managing director he is responsible for sales, support, software development and IT operations.

Stephan Kück's sporting passion is basketball.

Thomas Egglseder


The trained banker began his professional career in 1995 at Sparkasse Bamberg. There, Thomas Egglseder went through important career steps from branch manager to assistant to the board of directors. After completing his extra-occupational studies, he moved to Computop in 2011 and was primarily responsible for organizational development.

Thomas Egglseder has been responsible for Finance, Human Resources, Business Solutions, Legal and Facility Management in his function as CFO since 2021. His last step was the foundation of a payment institution, Computop Finance GmbH, where he also took over the management.

Thomas Egglseder's sporting passion is soccer.

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