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Outsourcing to a trustworthy partner

Thanks to our many years of market experience, your customers enjoy a wide range of payment methods on all channels around the globe. This increases the geographic reach of your merchants and gives them access to even more consumers in the target market.


White label reporting and support.

Computop Paygate’s proven reporting and analysis tools are available for you and your customers. Of course, in the look and feel of your own corporate design and, if desired, with individualized functionalities. You can also use Computop’s first-level support to ensure that your merchants benefit from fast, reliable help from our payment experts at all times.


You get it all in one.

With Computop Paygate, we provide you with an all-in-one payment platform that can take on all your challenges – technology, regulations, encryption and support. You’ll handle your merchants’ payments with unmatched reliability, which in turn has a positive effect on your brand and your image.


Fraud prevention included.

Our portfolio for effective fraud prevention includes credit assessment, velocity checks for secure online trading, the self-learning AI Fraud Score risk-scoring tool, hardware fingerprinting with device IDs and much more.

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Computop is moving money for many banks and payment service providers, including:

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