We’re the payment people. And have been for more than 20 years.

What was on your mind in 1997? We were thinking about e-commerce. More than 20 years ago, Ralf Gladis and Frank Arnoldt founded Computop. In a student apartment in Bamberg, Germany. They were our payment people from the very beginning. Since then, a good 150 more have been added. As well as a few new locations.


How high potentials with an affinity for technology became payment people.

See how it all started at Computop. And where it could lead – come with us!


Why people? Isn’t it all about interfaces?

Far from it. We’re mainly interested in people. And more precisely, reducing complexity for people. Our homogenous interface for all payment methods worldwide goes a long way towards reducing your implementation effort. And our personal, partnership-based consulting goes well beyond that. Customer-specific solutions, for example. Developed especially for you and with you.


We always go the extra mile for you. Special payment solutions from Computop.

Standard solutions are well and good. And no, we’re not being sarcastic. They’re often tried and tested, and can be implemented quickly. That’s why Computop also offers standard solutions. But, of course, we offer much more. If your requirements are so unique and challenging that customized payment solutions are needed, that’s when we really come into our own.


Our profile at a glance.


Frank Arnoldt (founder and managing director)

Ralf Gladis (founder and managing director)

Stephan Kück (managing director)

Bamberg, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Berlin, Munich
New York
Sectors (a selection)Digital Goods
Tarvel / airlines
Public sector
Transaction volumeTransactions valued at 34 billion USD (2018 status)
Trusted Shops
Partnerprogrammen mit Demandware, hybrids, Intershop & SAP
AwardsCNP-Award – Best CNP Program Outside the US, (Mai 2014)
Guangdong E-Business Association Award - Extremely Valuable  Cross-Border Ecommerce  Award (2015)
MPE 2019: Best Merchant Payment Implementation Award
Bayerns Best 50 (2018)
Employeesapprox. 150

If you’d like to get to know the people behind the facts and figures, we look forward to hearing from you.