Your Security: Authentication and Identification

The whitepaper Authentication provides valuable knowledge on the background and basics of authentication and identification. It also addresses one of the most important current trends: the established combination of password and username is increasingly being replaced by alternate, more sophisticated methods. There is fierce competition between the solutions provided by numerous providers, including private companies and the state.

The Difference Between Identification and Authentication

The terms identification and authentication are used synonymously by many. However, they describe two different processes. This white paper explains the difference and methods that exist for identifying and authenticating people in digital space. What kind of approaches are commonly used and where are the problems of known technologies?


PKI (Public/Private Key Infrastructure)

How does a public/private key infrastructure work and what is the advantage over the conventional authentication method via password and user name? Learn, in simple words, how the technology of a digital private key provides higher security and maximum transparency, how it is applied in practice and how PKI behaves at the point of sale.



Authentication with FIDO and PSD2

Authentication with Fast Identity Online is used more and more frequently and is a more secure alternative to the slowly outdated and comparatively insecure password user name combinations. Learn how FIDO, coupled with biometric authentication procedures, can provide maximum security and significantly increased convenience and how the solution is linked to PSD2.



Identity suppliers with potential

Find out which large companies and institutions will most likely be responsible for the identification of people in digital space in the future, what role the so-called identity mediators play in the market and how blockchain technology can be used for their purposes. Secure digital identification and authentication will be an important topic for the future in many industries, find out more now!