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This is how merchants benefit from an acquirer-agnostic payment gateway.

All companies that accept credit and debit card payments online or in stationary businesses face the issue of choosing the right acquirer. This decision is often taken off the hands of small companies and...

The girocard for German e-commerce – Can the established POS payment method also score online?

Since July 2021, the girocard has also been available for payments in German e-commerce, albeit initially only for a limited consumer group. Whether and to what extent the new payment method will become widely...

The concept of Scheme Tokens

In 2021, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX & Co. will introduce the Scheme Token technology for e-commerce card payments on the European market. As a certified Scheme Token Service Provider, Computop explains how Scheme Tokenization works...

Tokenization of card payments in e-commerce and mobile wallets

Although it has been in use on the American market for a long time, the concept of scheme token technology is still unknown to many German merchants. On the occasion of this year's Europe-wide...

Click to Pay – The digital card wallet from Visa, Mastercard, AMEX & Co.

The German launch of Click to Pay has been announced for summer 2021. Find out below what exactly is behind the new solution, how it works from the customers‘ point of view, what benefits...

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