Point of sale is reinventing itself: State-of-the-art payment on the spot.

When we talk about POS, we’re not only referring to classic stationary retail. Point of sale is evolving into point of need. The discerning consumer wants the right offer at the right place – and ideally right now. Together we can master the challenges that your payment at POS will face today and in the future.

Payment at tomorrow’s POS.

New sales potential via channel linking: Your offline business goes online

We integrate the entire payment processing for all your stores into Computop Paygate. It’s the only way for you to have a real overview. The only way we can seriously talk about Omnichannel payment. And the only way you can capitalize on new sales potential through customer-oriented sales and services, such as:

  • In-store returns
  • Click & collect
  • In-store ordering
  • Buyer recognition and loyalty programs

Maximum convenience for your customers thanks to a wide range of payment options.

As an up-to-date company, you provide your customers with an ideal shopping experience at the point of sale – with the right mix of payment methods. In addition to long-established card terminals, this includes many new payment options:

  • Contactless payment by card or smartphone
  • Self-checkout
  • Card payment at any location via mobile POS solutions

3 good reasons for POS payment with Computop

Flexible acquirer choice:

With Computop, you have the choice: if an acquirer makes you a better offer for card acceptance, you can easily switch over by sending an email to our support team. Flexibility in the acquirer connection means that you can negotiate the best conditions for your payment processing while remaining independent.

Maximum security:

We pioneered P2PE encryption in Germany. Today, Computop’s security is certified several times over. We protect your card data through point-to-point encryption (PCI P2PE) and in accordance with PCI DSS Level 1. You don’t store any credit card data on your own servers – and this protects you as well.

Flexible choice of payment methods:

Do you want to internationalize your business while optimizing costs? Computop seamlessly connects you with the most popular payment methods worldwide and with a large selection of acquirer banks. Our POS terminals speak all languages.

Our POS terminals: Something for everyone.

Customers compatible

Offer your customers the right POS terminal. We have the necessary selection.

Our latest POS device speaks Android and revolutionizes your customers' cross-channel experience.

Combines a POS computer and terminal in one device

Android-based operating system

Certified in compliance with the latest security standards

Individual installation of apps for common POS software (e.g. POS apps, merchandise management)

Exclusive download of security-tested apps via the CCV Store

The Computop Fly Next: Your POS is everywhere you are.

Mobile payment with state-of-the-art functions, convenient format

PIN entry via full touch screen

Communicates with tablets and smartphones


Contactless payment possible

The Computop Base Next: Stationary and mobile at the same time.

Can be integrated at any checkout thanks to WLAN module and 1-cable solution

Large 4” color display with highly sensitive touch screen

Very fast processing thanks to 1GHz processor

Contactless payment possible

Contactless reader at the head of the terminal, display is not hidden during payment

The Computop Pad Next: Digitalization at the checkout zone.

Can be integrated into an existing POS system

Large display for easy signature capture

Front camera for reading out QR codes / barcodes

Contactless payment possible

Remote contactless reader, display is not covered during payment

The Computop Pad: Advanced functionality for large retail stores

Adapts perfectly to any checkout zone

Handy PIN pad

Large, color touch screen

Integrated interface to CCV server solution acCEPT

Contactless payment possible

The Computop Mobile Premium: The ideal companion for the mobile retail and gastronomy sectors

A mobile, compact, functional terminal

Operation optionally via WiFi or 3G

High-definition multimedia, color touch screen, integrated printer

Contactless payment possible

SignPad + digital signature management also for on the go

Payment at point of sale – the brochure:

In our current POS brochure, you’ll find everything you need to know about


  • our payment solutions for point of sale
  • our (m)POS terminals and vending machine solutions
  • our Omnichannel payment solutions and cross-channel shopping experiences


Do you have more questions?

Phone: +1-800-701-7806


Phone: +1-800-701-7806