E-commerce. The last step is crucial.

You’re almost there. Your customer has found and selected your online shop among thousands, decided on a product, put it in his or her shopping cart and entered their address. You’re 99 percent of the way there. And yet many online purchases are still cancelled because the preferred payment option is missing. We know how to prevent this.

It all depends on the right mix of payment methods. We advise you on a country- and target-group-specific basis.

Credit and debit cards

With this payment method, you can reach billions of customers and boost your sales in both e-commerce and call centers.


Paying with PayPal, Apple Pay and others is becoming increasingly popular – all commonly used eWallets can be integrated into Paygate.

Online bank transfers

Online bank transfers in real time at checkout are popular. Paygate offers this payment option in many countries.

Cash-in, prepaid & others

Order online and pay offline. Or, first pay offline and then order online. Paygate integrates this payment method for buyers who don’t like to pay online by card or eWallet.

QR codes

The control of the payment process via QR code is integrated into many payment types. In many regions of the world, QR codes are one of the most popular payment methods at the point of sale.

Payment Links

Payment-Links lead your customers directly to the checkout without detours through a shop. All common payment methods are available there for maximum conversion rates.


Do you want to transform full shopping carts into real conversions?

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