Click to Pay with Visa

Available in Computop Paygate: the new payment solution for your online store. Thanks to Click to Pay with Visa, your customers pay with just a few clicks, even if they shop as a guest without a customer account. Simple, fast, secure!

Payment in seconds via Visa credit and debit card in the online store

Thanks to Click to Pay with Visa, customers pay in your online store with just a few clicks. No additional credential queries are necessary. That speeds up checkout considerably and increases the likelihood of completed purchases.

One wallet for all credit cards

Many consumers own several credit cards. The Click to Pay Wallet can store all of these cards virtually at the same time. When paying, the customer can then access this stored card data quickly and easily. That eliminates the need to type in identical number sequences repeatedly.

Better protected with 3-D Secure 2 and token technology

With Click to Pay, too, the 3-D Secure 2 process protects all credit card payments. Scheme tokens provide additional security. TThe wallet on the customer's device only stores tokens, which are card pseudonyms of the original card data. Only the owner of the physical card and the card-issuing bank know the associated card data.

Both technologies significantly improve security when shopping. They also guarantee higher authorization rates by the issuing banks.

Can be integrated as an express checkout in your store

Click to Pay with Visa offers maximum convenience because the solution is designed as an express checkout. Especially occasional buyers or store visitors without a customer account benefit from this. They can place a guest order as the Wallet stores their shipping and billing address along with the card data. When making a payment, the Wallet quickly transfers this data to the store's backend for further processing.

That creates a smooth shopping experience for customers and increases the store operator's conversion.

Click to Pay with Visa – online checkout made easy

Click to Pay with Visa – Advantages of an integration

Advantages for your customers

  • Maximum convenience: Storing all credit cards used in a digital wallet eliminates the need to pick up the card and enter data repeatedly.
  • Payment with just a few clicks: Customers make purchases in seconds with all regularly used end devices.
  • More convenience for occasional and one-time buyers: Thanks to Express Checkout, there is no need to create a customer account or enter payment and address data.

Advantages for you

  • More conversions: the frictionless payment experience reduces the risk of abandoned purchases.
  • More security: Dual security of credit card transactions promotes higher authorization rates.
  • Be there from the start: Click to Pay will be available for all leading credit card brands in the future. That means that widespread acceptance by end consumers should come about quickly. By integrating Click to Pay at an early stage, you can secure an image advantage as a technology leader among your customers and competitors.

"At Visa, we are delighted to have a strong partner like Computop on our side and to work together on innovations to make the payment landscape more digital. With Click to Pay, we are launching a new contemporary product that makes the online payment process simple, seamless and secure. For many retailers, establishing an online presence is a matter of survival at the moment - a simple payment process is an essential factor for a successful purchase."


Volker Koppe (Head of Digital bei Visa)

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