New Paygate Feature: The Third Party Notification Service

In addition to the standard notifications that report the status of a payment to the respective store backends of the merchants, Paygate now also allows the sending of third-party push notifications.

Sending push notifications that report the status of a payment to the merchant's store backend is one of the basic requirements of a payment gateway. After all, the merchant needs the information about the success (or failure) of a payment in real-time, on the one hand, to confirm the completion of the purchase to the buyer, and on the other hand, to automatically trigger the fulfillment process within the merchandise management system.

However, it is not sufficient for some business models to only send a notification of payment (failure) success to the respective store backend or merchant ERP. For example, companies often have several stores (technically individual merchants) using individual store and ERP systems. If the company in question would like to have a central real-time overview of the status of all payment transactions from all affiliated merchants - e.g., for live monitoring of the entire cash flow - it becomes necessary to set up a higher-level notification service.

Computop's new Third Party Notification Service has been developed precisely for such scenarios. From now on, our customers can have additional Paygate notifications sent to an independent third-party endpoint.

The service is merchant-independent. The notifications, therefore, take into account the payment transactions of all merchants that a customer has connected to Paygate.

Notifications are sent in real-time and via an independent channel, i.e., not via the same channel used to initiate the payment transaction in question.

In addition, the Third Party Notifications also take into account all individual transactions that arise in connection with a single payment. Users thus receive valuable additional information in real-time on the specific status of payments, such as cancellations or refunds.

In the following cases, Third Party Notification might also be of interest to you:

a) You operate several stores, each of which has independent store and ERP systems.

b) You use Computop Paygate as a white label product

...and would like to map a detailed, central and cross-merchant real-time monitoring of all transactions in your own systems.