CCV and Computop offer Multichannel Payment and P2PE for POS Terminals

Christine Bauer (CCV Deutschland) und Stephan Kück (Computop).

Payment providers CCV and Computop are entering into a strategic partnership for multichannel payment.

Au i.d. Hallertau and Bamberg, 21 April 2016 – The globalisation of trade and the interlinking of e-commerce, mobile and over-the-counter sales present a challenge for trade and payment service providers due to the fact that payment works differently in every country and with every distribution channel.

CVV and Computop are pooling their vast payment expertise to provide the commercial world with secure and standardised payment solutions for all distribution channels - in e commerce, on mobile devices and at POS terminals in stores. This partnership combines decades of experience with the latest technology.

“Computop is the first payment service provider in Germany to be certified for high-security card payments at POS terminals,” explains Christine Bauer, manager of Sales and Marketing and member of the board of directors of CCV Germany. “Computop’s certified point-to-point encryption (P2PE) guards transactions against data theft and removes the need for extravagant PCI certifications. The P2PE solution and the global scope of the Paygate payment platform make Computop one of the best partners for multichannel payment.”

“We value the technology and the detailed knowledge of POS terminals that CCV brings to the partnership,” says Stephan Kück, Computop’s managing director. “For one thing, with CCV as a partner we can offer our customers tried and tested POS technology; for another, we can work with CCV to take the same quality and capacity for innovation that Computop customers worldwide are used to in online payment and apply it to over-the-counter trade.”

Two examples of multichannel payment in action that demonstrate how useful it is in business are:

  • In-Store Return: The customer orders online and wishes to return the product in store in order to buy another product there. The till must then be able to produce a credit note for the online order.
  • In-Store Order: A customer wants to order a product in store that is not in stock. The seller takes the order on a tablet, having the customer pay via a mobile POS terminal. Waiting around at the till is no longer required.

The terminal hardware offered by CCV and Computop ranges from stationary terminals and integrated till solutions, to vending machine modules as well as mobile terminals and multimedia terminals with tablet displays. For the PCI-compliant operation of the terminals, CCV acCEPT platform integrated to the Computop Paygate, which protects merchants’ P2PE data security of P2PE and utilize local European, North American and Asian acquiring banks.

About CCV Deutschland
CCV develops and supplies electronic payment solutions, maintaining more than 525,000 terminals and more than 15,000 active webshops in Germany, Switzerland and the Benelux countries. With comprehensive technical expertise built up over more than 20 years, CCV is the ideal partner for branch retail stores and for owner-operated businesses. Innovative and reliable payment and software solutions form the heart of CCV: For over-the-counter and mobile trade, for e- and m-commerce, and for self-service.

CCV enables quick and secure payments at every point of interaction and, together with a large number of partners, continually strives towards innovations with a focus on the concerns of commerce.
In Germany, CCV is found in four locations: Au i.d. Hallertau (head office, near Munich), Moers, Hamburg and Berlin.

CCV Germany is a part of the international CCV Group, with its headquarters in Arnheim (NL).

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About Computop

As one of the very first payment service providers, Computop offers its customers around the world local and innovative omnichannel solutions for payment processing and fraud prevention. The internally developed Computop Paygate payment platform enables seamless integrated payment processes for e-commerce and POS. Retailers, service providers and industrial enterprises have the flexibility and freedom to choose from over 350 payment methods enabling them to specifically tailor their payment options per country. Technologies such as biometric authentication and self-learning algorithms improve security and convenience for retailers and consumers alike.

Computop, a global player with its head office in Germany and locations in England and the USA, has been servicing large international companies in the service, retail, mobility, gaming and travel industries for more than 25 years. These companies include global brands such as C&A, Fossil, the entire Otto Group, Sixt, Swarovski and Wargaming. Computop, being ISO 27001 certified since 2021, also provides its payment system to banks and financial service providers as a white-label solution. In total, the certified carbon-neutral company processes commercial payment transactions with a combined value of USD 33 billion annually in 127 currencies. With its individual and secure solutions, Computop makes a major contribution to the future of international payment processing.

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