Transactions that make a difference - one ton of plastic less in the oceans

The Payment People supported the Plastic Bank project in Haiti as part of the "Time for Climate Action" week and made a donation to help remove and recycle a ton of plastic waste from the ocean.

Every year, millions of tons of plastic end up in the world's oceans, a development that is getting worse rather than better. However, the Plastic Bank organization has been counteracting this for several years and has already fished the billionth plastic bottle out of the sea. As part of the climate protection week Time for Climate Action, the Payment People have decided to double compensate the transactions during the project week. That enables Computop to support the Plastic Bank project in Haiti in the form of a donation so that a ton of plastic can be removed from the sea, recycled, and processed into shipping bags for, for example. The local people also benefit from the project, as they receive money for the collected plastic, which they can use to send their children to school, for example.
Do you also want to support the Plastic Bank organization in its fight against plastic in the world's oceans? Find out more here.