We’re making a difference: Flexible payment solutions for successful mobility services.

Those who take advantage of needs-based mobility services want to pay according to need.

No matter whether you are renting a rental car at the station or making an app reservation for an e-scooter in the city centre - your customers demand maximum flexibility when using mobility offers. The prerequisite for this is maximum flexibility in payment. With the Computop Omnichannel Payment Platform you leave your customers free to choose.


on all channels

Whether in-app, online, at the counter or in vending machines - the Computop Paygate brings your transactions together on a single platform and enables you to provide valuable cross-channel services for your customers.

...with all
relevant payment methods

As different as the usage behaviour of your customers is, as different are their payment preferences. This is why our platform can be used to process all globally relevant payment methods - usually without additional integration effort.

... in all

Mobility is cross-border. However, ideally, the crossing of borders should not be noticeable. That is why Computop makes it possible for customer payments to be accepted worldwide.

What our customers say:

"By integrating Computop into our payment platform, we can centrally control our various payment channels, including the POS terminals, and enable cross-channel transactions. The use of standard P2PE card terminals in the Sixt corporate countries simplifies our system landscape and also offers our customers maximum security."

Fabian Mansfeld,
Senior Director Damage Management & Payments,
Sixt SE

Tailor-made payment, also for the following mobility services:

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