Climate change concerns us all.

Computop is committed to climate protection with Leaders for Climate Action.

Who are the Leaders for Climate Action?

Hundreds of executives, mainly from the digital economy, have joined forces to form Leaders for Climate Action. Together they want to become active in climate protection and reduce their CO2 emissions. But above all, they want to win over more companies to join them.



Climate-neutral payment - because there is no planet B

In retail, a product passes through many stages - from purchase to delivery, which creates an individual CO2 footprint for each item. It is slightly larger for one product, marginally smaller for another. The payment process also contributes to this. We can make a sold book's footprint, computer, or mobile phone a little smaller with climate-neutral payment. As a payment service provider, Computop offsets the CO2 produced by payment transactions through climate protection projects.


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Climate-neutral payment in your store - show it!

Not only the first impression your customer has of your shop counts. One should not underestimate the last impression at the checkout either. With our button for climate-neutral payment, you show your customers that climate protection is essential to you. Download the button for climate-neutral payment right now and place it on your homepage among the payment options!



TIME FOR CLIMATE ACTION - A week under the sign of climate protection

Our blue planet is already a small miracle. Just the proper distance from the sun, enough water, and a protective atmosphere. The mixture of life. A miracle that needs to be protected in times of climate change. We all have to work together on this. The Time for Climate Action project week from 19 to 25 April 2021 aims to do just that. It aims to stimulate exchange between partner companies, traders, and colleagues on environmental and climate protection topics. What goals have been achieved so far? What can be done even better? How can ecological and climate protection be integrated into daily life but also everyday business? Exciting questions to which we want to find exciting answers together.

You can find out everything you need to know and the latest information about the project week here.


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"We have to take climate change and its consequences seriously. Now is the time to act. For Computop, the Time for Climate Action project week provides an excellent opportunity to draw attention to the issue and galvanise people to think about how they can make real change, and take real action to stop climate change. There is power in working together, but we need to do it now."

Ralf Gladis, Founder and CEO of Computop

Do something for the climate in less than 5 minutes

Climate protection can be simple. There are many small things you can do immediately and in just a few minutes. Which ones? Please take a look at our action page at Leaders for Climate Action to learn more.

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