============================================ 09.02.21 ============================================

Offices will remain open, but the Payment People will work from home if possible.

At the office, the following applies:

  •    Only one person per office room
  •     FFP2 masks mandatory in common areas (hallways, kitchens, restrooms, stairwells, elevators, etc.)
  •     No common breaks

============================================ 13.10.20 ============================================

The provision for Payment People to work in the office or home office at their discretion will be extended until the end of February 2021.

The policy remains that visits from out-of-town guests should be avoided whenever possible. Receiving visitors from high-risk areas is only possible if they can show a negative Corona test that is not older than 4 days.

============================================ 02.09.20 ============================================

The Payment People work, until further notice, preferably in the home office but the locations remain open. Hygiene rules must be observed in the locations, and the wearing of a protective mask is mandatory. Business trips are kept to a minimum, meetings (internal and external) are mainly conducted online. After a vacation in a risk area, work is done in the home office for at least two weeks.

============================================  15.06.20  ============================================

On 2 June Computop reopened all its sites. Since then the Payment People have been working partly in their home office and partly on site, adhering to a strict "safe office" concept. On-site meetings at the locations and business trips are again possible with restrictions and in compliance with strict Corona regulations. For you as a customer and partner, nothing will change: both our service and our payment processing will remain available without restrictions and as usual.

============================================  27.04.20  ============================================

Computop's Payment People work in the home office at least until May 8th 2020 inclusive.

============================================  02.04.20  ============================================

Computop takes measures to maintain economic security.

In order to prevent a threat to the economic security of the company, we use short-time working for individual areas.

There are no restrictions on our payment processing and the availability of the help desk.

============================================  20.03.20  ============================================

Computop is closing its sites to protect its employees.

The Payment People are all equipped for the home office. We are closing all sites tonight. This applies nationwide. At the Bamberg Schwarzenbergstraße site an emergency service is being maintained, especially for the receipt of mail.

Nothing will change for our customers with regard to our service.

============================================  13.03.20  ============================================

Dear customers and partners of Computop,

In the current situation, it is important to us to protect our employees from infection with the Coronavirus while ensuring the availability of our services.

To this end, we have taken the following internal measures as part of our business continuity management:

  • Our employees will not travel abroad and will also severely restrict their travel activities within their country
  • While we will maintain personal contact, we will default to the use of video conferences for meetings and ask for your understanding on this matter
  • Those returning from holiday destinations that have been defined as risk areas will work from their home office for at least 14 days

In principle, every employee is equipped with a home office solution and can therefore work from any location.

Our Helpdesk is still available for you at the usual times by phone and e-mail.

We have asked our service providers about their preventive concepts.

With the measures and preparations that have been taken, we feel that we are well equipped to ensure our usual high level of payment processing and customer service - even in the event of a concrete threat or official order.

For you as a customer or partner, we therefore do not expect any restrictions on our services. We are constantly monitoring the current risk situation and will adapt our internal measures to any changing conditions if necessary.

With kind regards
Your Payment People from Computop