Computop Equips CEWE Photo Stations with Payment Function

Bamberg, Germany – February 4 2020 – Computop, a leading global payment processor, has integrated a contactless payment function into the popular photo stations best known in the UK through the Boots Photo powered by CEWE service in Boots pharmacy and beauty stores across the country. These devices enable customers to quickly and easily transfer photos from smartphones so they can be printed out. 2,200 CEWE photo stations in the UK and Ireland will feature the Computop payment solution.

Contactless POS terminals from CCV are installed as special hardware. The software connection is made via a central server, which ensures smooth commissioning and maintenance of the devices. The transaction data flows into the Computop Paygate payment platform, which is also used to process the online payments of Europe's leading photo service provider.

In addition to payments with the major credit card brands, local debit cards will also be accepted in the future, which Computop can process directly as a network operator. By the end of the year, besides the photo stations in Great Britain and Ireland, Computop expects to have installed contactless payment at 1000 more stations in different countries including several hundred units already in use in France.

The advantage to customers of paying directly at CEWE photo stations is that they will no longer need to wait at the checkout and payment will be completed simultaneously with their instant print, including if they choose to use Apple Pay or Google Pay on their smartphone.   

"We are very pleased to be able to support our long-standing customer CEWE to bring contactless payments to their services in-store and to have implemented a true omnichannel solution," explains Computop CEO Stephan Kück. "By connecting to Computop Paygate, not only e-commerce but POS business can be internationalised and standardised quickly and easily - with a uniform terminal, centrally managed and administered."

"With the direct payment function at the CEWE photo stations, we have introduced another innovative service that can reduce queues but also shrinkage rates. The efficient processing via the Computop PSP platform enables us to offer this omnichannel application to retail partners throughout Europe. Initial results show a very positive end-customer response to the new payment function," emphasises Holger May, Managing Director Onsite Finishing at CEWE.

To see how Computop works with CEWE to protect sensitive customer data please click here

About CEWE

From its beginnings in 1912, CEWE has developed into the first address in photo services for all those who want to make more out of their photos. This is particularly reflected in the CEWE PHOTO BOOK, which has won many awards and sells more than six million copies every year. Customers can obtain other personalised photo products, for example, under the CEWE, WhiteWall and Cheerz brands - and at many leading European retailers. In these brand worlds, they are inspired to create a wide variety of creative designs around their personal photos and entrust more than 2.4 billion photos to the company every year. CEWE operates more than 20,000 CEWE photo stations in drugstores, specialist shops and food retailers throughout Europe, where customers can easily order their desired products or print them out directly on the spot.

In addition, the CEWE Group has established a highly efficient production facility for advertising and business print products for the still young online printing market. Billions of quality print products reach their customers reliably every year via the SAXOPRINT, LASERLINE and viaprinto sales platforms.

The CEWE Group is geared towards sustainable corporate management and has already received several awards for this:  Economic long-term orientation; partnership and fairness with customers, employees as well as suppliers; social responsibility and environmental and resource conservation.  For example, all CEWE brand products are produced in a climate-neutral manner.

The CEWE Group has 4,200 employees in more than 20 countries and grew its turnover to 714.9 million euros in 2019. The CEWE share is listed in the SDAX.

About Computop

As one of the very first payment service providers, Computop offers its customers around the world local and innovative omnichannel solutions for payment processing and fraud prevention. The internally developed Computop Paygate payment platform enables seamless integrated payment processes for e-commerce and POS. Retailers, service providers and industrial enterprises have the flexibility and freedom to choose from over 350 payment methods enabling them to specifically tailor their payment options per country. Technologies such as biometric authentication and self-learning algorithms improve security and convenience for retailers and consumers alike.

Computop, a global player with its head office in Germany and locations in England and the USA, has been servicing large international companies in the service, retail, mobility, gaming and travel industries for more than 25 years. These companies include global brands such as C&A, Fossil, the entire Otto Group, Sixt, Swarovski and Wargaming. Computop, being ISO 27001 certified since 2021, also provides its payment system to banks and financial service providers as a white-label solution. In total, the certified carbon-neutral company processes commercial payment transactions with a combined value of USD 33 billion annually in 127 currencies. With its individual and secure solutions, Computop makes a major contribution to the future of international payment processing.


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