What makes the Payment People?

It's about the question of all questions: What sets the Payment People apart? > english subtitles available

More Insights:

  • Meet the Payment People: Norman (EN)

    Norman has been with Computop for 19 years and is our Head of IT. He spends his free time away from the computer on the tennis court.
  • Meet the Payment People: Mirko (EN)

    Mirko has been with Computop for 6 years and is Head of Merchant Services. In his job he takes care of the concerns of our merchants on a daily basis. As a balance, he goes into the forest during his lunch break.
  • Meet the Payment People: Krunal and Kena (EN)

    Krunal and Kena have been working in the software area at Computop for two and one year respectively. The two are also a well-coordinated team in the kitchen.
  • Your impression on your first working day?

    Confusion on the first day of work: Is Computop in reality a doctor's office? The office situation has changed in the meantime (fortunately), the family atmosphere remains. > english subtitles available
  • Your first encounter with Computop?

    The Payment People reveal their first impression of Computop. Was it love at first sight? > english subtitles available
  • 25 years: What's changed, what's the same?

    Back to the roots: The Payment People look back at their beginnings. What has changed? And above all, what has remained the same? > english subtitles available
  • The first time you purchased something online?

    When did you order online for the first time? Which payment method did you use? These and other questions are asked by the payment people in the first part of our Q&A. > english subtitles available