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How insurance companies are strengthening their digital sales through modern payment methods.

Digitization is reshaping numerous industries and transforming business models and markets. Many areas of the economy are hoping that the leap into digital processes will provide new impetus for their business and ultimately lead to growth and increased sales.

Alternative Payment Methods: Internationalize successfully and meet your customers’ expectations

In this episode of Payment Insights (the Computop podcast), Computop payment experts Briana Kovacs and James 'Jed' Danbury join forces with Steve Villegas, VP, Head of Partnerships North America at PPRO, to talk about...

Contactless payment: the future of public transport

In many parts of the world, the future of public transportis already a reality. Cities like London, Tokyo and New York are leading the way: Paper tickets and also the proprietary travel passes of network operators are becoming a thing of the past.

Android and apps for POS terminals

Devices based on Android allow more convenient payment processes and the merging of the pure payment process with other elements. In the future, merchants will be able to use the card payment terminal to access inventory management or seamlessly integrate loyalty programs into the payment process.

Seven Tips for Successful E-Commerce in Latin America

The fact that the Latin American e-commerce market is one of the fastest growing in the world is hardly news to anyone. Gross domestic product in the LatAm region will exceed $15 trillion in 2019. Growth in e-commerce is expected to be 19 percent over the next five years. This is significantly more than the global average of 11 percent.

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