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How Computop turned payments upside down for rugby refunds

Premiership Rugby League is the highest division of English rugby union sport. Every year the final attracts many thousands of enthusiastic rugby fans to Twickenham Stadium. In 2020, it looked as if the stands...

New gambling rules apply in Germany as of 1 July

For lotteries, sports betting and online gambling in Germany, 1 July 2021 is an important date. On this day, the new State Treaty on Gambling will come into force, which the federal states responsible...

Time for Climate Action – more than just one Earth Day!

The Leaders for Climate Action initiative gets it. We have to take care of our planet together, because we don't have a second one. Therefore, around Earth Day on 22 April, its members have...

Digital payments: This is how sensitive customer data is protected

Cashless payment solutions are becoming increasingly popular these days, both online and in retail stores. Since the late 1990s, Computop has been the payment service provider of choice for CEWE, Europe's leading photo service...

Climate-neutral payments

Cashless payment - is that actually good for the climate? Or bad? The physical transport of notes and coins is no longer necessary in any case, and that is good news. But one thing...

Simple and effective payment solutions for saving the revenue at the Point of Sale in times of Corona

Henning Brandt welcomes Computop payment experts Stephen Audritsh (Head of Merchant Services) and Thomas Strozyk (Head of Key Account Management). In this episode everything revolves around measures that merchants can take if they have difficulties in generating income at the Point of Sale in the current situation..

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